How to Evaluate the Purchase of a Quilting Machine?, quilting machines

There can be several reasons to invest in a quilting machine. You can use it for commercial work or to pursue a hobby. Irrespective of the reason of purchase, it is important to understand the economics and finances that run behind the purchase of a quilting machine. Right now, we are quickly going to look at few important factors that will help you understand if buying a particular machine for your purpose is worth it or not. juki tl2000q1


The first thing to look out for is the brand of the machine. Does the brand belong to a company who has been manufacturing quilting machines from a long time? Or is it from a company that hasn’t even completed a few years of operations? The products by new companies usually lack strength and power required to sew a quilt. Although their product mentions industrial grade’, they aren’t quite there yet.


If you are investing in a machine for commerce purposes, it is important to understand that the machine will need to have varying speed of sewing to produce good quality products. If a machine does not have this feature, you probably want to limit it to personal use only. A quality machine has the ability to stitch great quilts for decades. juki hzl-dx7 sewing & quilting machines


Look at the warranty card. A company that trusts its products would usually provide a long warranty time period. Warranty plays an important role in the buying decision. You do not want to end up in a situation where the machine broke just after 3 years of usage and the repairing bills are big enough to buy a new quilting machine. Also, read about companies after sales services. Do they provide service on time? Just make sure that you would never find yourself stranded on a lonely island with no idea what to do. janome 8900qcp sewing & quilting machines


Finally, do your homework and opt for a model that fulfils your need. Buying an industrial grade machine will be useless until you are going to produce hundreds of quilts every year. In the same way, opt for a budget-friendly models in case you want something to create some home grown masterpieces for personal use or for gifting to family and friends. creative grids quilting rulers